Master of Science (120 credits) with a major in Occupational Therapy
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Skola Jönköping University


17 augusti 2020


2 år


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Kort om utbildningen

The Master’s programme in Occupational Therapy is a part-time, webbasedprogramme. Occupational therapy is a client- centered healthprofession concerned with promoting health and well-being througheveryday activities. The programme will help students expand theirknowledge in the field and develop professionally. Since it’s a part-timeprogramme you will be able to work while you study and keep closecontact with your clinical practice. This is an important aspect andstudents are expected to keep close contact to clinical practice duringthe programme. The programme is quite flexible and the coursescan be individually tailored to each student. You may choose to focusbroadly on occupational therapy at large, or to narrow down your focusto a particular area of interest.