High Impact Leadership Program
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27 april 2020


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Stockholms stad

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Höst 2019


56 250 kr

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You’ve been working as a manager or leader for a while and you want something more from your leadership. You’re aiming to raise the bar in your professional development. So how do you become an even better leader? How do you become the manager and leader that you would like to have yourself?

This programme is for those who have been a manager or leader for a while and who prefer to learn in English.

The program will raise new perspectives and inspiration, that will enhance your leadership as you navigate an increasingly complex business environment. You will advance your impact as a leader with practical tools and frameworks.

In addition, learning together and sharing experiences with others in a similar situation will create a foundation for an important future network.

Studielängd: 3+3 days

Pris: 45 000 kr exkl. moms (Price in SEK excluding VAT)