Content Developer
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Skola Hyper Island


10 augusti 2020


2 år


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Kort om utbildningen

Prepare yourself for the next step in your career. You’ll spend 45 weeks at our Stockholm campus, plus 20 weeks doing an internship somewhere in the world.

Content experts are in high demand. This program is designed to help you gain the most in-demand skills in content development right now. You will combine hands-on creative work and consumer insights to solve real market needs.

Get industry critical skills
This program will develop your critical ability to assess the quality of content in different strategic contexts. You will master skills such as storytelling, content creation, video production, and writing. You will also get the skills you need to succeed in the strategy, planning and production phases – as well as methods for analyzing and measuring digital channels.

The program covers the trends affecting marketing, communication and sales from a technical and business perspective. You will learn all about the latest, global, future, trends driving business and marketing forward.

Swedish and Nordic residents/citizens can study free of charge. The program is approved by CSN. The program fee is 180,000 SEK for International Applicants.