Magisterprogram (60 högskolepoäng) i europeisk immaterialrätt
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31 augusti 2020


1 år


Stockholms stad


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Kort om utbildningen

The one-year Master programme in European Intellectual Property Law (EIPL) was set up in year 2000, and has since reached true international recognition. Students in the EIPL programme delve into the internationalisation factors of European Union (EU) IP law, and looks at areas such as design rights, geographical quality indications, copyrights and patents and how they are affected by internationalisation. The programme encompasses a total of 60 higher ECTS, whereof 30 ECTS credits shall be an advance Master Thesis that deals with methodological as well as material issues. The schedule with full day lectures and seminars in blocks makes commuting possible to a certain extent. All students must take the required Advanced IP course (15 ECTS) course.