Applied project management
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Skola Wenell


20 april 2020


< 1 år


Stockholms stad

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Höst 2019


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Engelskspråkig kurs som motsvarar Praktisk projektledning.

A concentrated foundation course with a holistic view of project management. Projects are not a new concept, but today they are more common than ever. We are increasingly faced with situations where we are obliged to collaborate across traditional boundaries and can benefit from other’s strengths and differences. You learn how to handle several stakeholder´s different expectations, formulate objectives, define roles to get good interaction, even with those using and maintaining the result.

Applied project management is a concentrated basic course that gives you a holistic view of project work. Focus is your role as project manager, highlighting simple, practical tools you can use directly. The entire project workflow is discussed, with emphasis on the preparation phase.

Four full days, in total 35 hours including a few hours of preparation at home.

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33 625 SEK inkl. moms