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Masterprogram i beslutsanalys och data science

Stockholms universitet
Data & IT
Masterprogram i beslutsanalys och data science beskrivande bild
Universitet / Högskola
2 år
270 000 kr
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We run into decision problems almost everywhere, and a proper handling of them is fundamental for a well-functioning society. Decisions that are not thought through and made by gut feeling often lead to unfavourable consequences. In this programme you will learn how to handle decision situations in a systematic way so that preferred consequences are probable.You will be made familiar with all the stages in decision making, from selecting, gathering and processing background information, structuring of the problem and assessing the consequences to making the actual decision based on rational principles.The programme has two tracks: data science or decision and risk analysis. In the first year you will learn about both subject areas and in the second year you will specialise in either one.
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Universitet / Högskola
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