Outcome-oriented leadership, coaching and facilitation

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11 mars 2020
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Are you ready to dive in and learn engaging methods for facilitating change? Agendashift is an engagement model aimed at helping to build organisations in which people engage on the issues that matter, actively participate in anticipating and meeting needs, and through agreement on outcomes create the conditions for organisation and leadership development.

What is an engagement model?
An engagement model must do these three things:

  1. Help the change agent structure their engagement with their client organisation and its staff
  2. Help the client organisation engage its staff meaningfully in change-related work
  3. Help the transforming parts of the organisation engage constructively with the rest of the organisation, so that both will thrive


In Agendashift, the engagement structure comes in the shape of five activities:

  1. Discovery: Establishing a shared sense of direction, identifying needs, ambitions and aspirations as well as shorter-term outcomes
  2. Exploration: Identifying opportunities for change, articulating them as outcomes, choosing appropriate change management approaches
  3. Mapping: Visualising plans and priorities, testing thinking, identifying gaps
  4. Elaboration: Keeping the change process fed with ideas, framing options as hypotheses and developing them as experiments
  5. Operation: The techniques and feedback loops required to sustain change over the long term, change treated as real work


Duration: 2 hours to 2 days
Price: 1000 kr to 15 000 kr excl. moms.

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