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Masterprogram i litteraturvetenskap med inriktning mot engelskspråkig litteratur

Stockholms universitet
Språk / Språkvetenskap
Masterprogram i litteraturvetenskap med inriktning mot engelskspråkig litteratur beskrivande bild


Universitet / Högskola
2 år
180 000 kr
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Kort om utbildningen

Within the specialization in English Literature you will develop advanced analytical and interpretive skills for the study of literature. You will gain a deeper understanding of specific issues within World Literature in English and learn to use advanced methods for the exploration of literary texts, both in terms of form and in terms of their relation to history, politics and ethics. The theoretical level of the courses is high; at the same time, you will develop practical skills related to reviewing and editing literary works. As a student in the Master’s Programme in Literature you will have access to a large selection of courses in English Literature and in the wider Humanities. A combination of compulsory and individually chosen courses will develop your knowledge and skills in this area, forming the basis for the writing of a strong scholarly Master’s Thesis. Giving an international and transnational perspective, the programme qualifies the students for doctoral studies in literature, but is also useful for work outside of the university. This is especially the case in fields where there is a demand for knowledge about the significance of language for communication and social development, and which require international broad-mindedness, historical competence and the ability to deal with complex information in a systematic and critical fashion.


  • Stockholm

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