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Masterprogram i språk och språkvetenskap, Grekiska

Lunds universitet
Språk / Språkvetenskap
Masterprogram i språk och språkvetenskap, Grekiska beskrivande bild
Universitet / Högskola
2 år
220 000 kr
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Programme overviewLund University offers you a unique opportunity to pursue advanced studies in languages and linguistics at Master's level. The Centre for Languages and Literature offers students access to the most modern resources for research and education. You will meet and study together with students from a number of different fields of specialisation. The languages of instruction are English and the language corresponding to the field of your specialisation. As a Master's student, you will have the possibility of receiving funding for a stay abroad to conduct research on your Master's thesis through grants available from the Birgit Rausing Language Programme.Specialisation in GreekIn the specialisation in Greek, students follow the development of the Greek language and Greek literature from antiquity to the Middle Ages.
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Universitet / Högskola
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